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Haven't been here for quite awhile. I'm still in Senegal and The Gambia, running the charity and taking care of a few patients who show up.

I've recently watched a couple of GP videos and have a question. Collisions are common with one or multiple riders being knocked off the track. If a rider appears to be doing this to other riders multiple times is that permitted? Is his riding considered predatory at some point?

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Don’t know for sure but I would say yes. Intentionally running into another motorcycle at the speeds they race at would seem to be pretty stupid to me. Maintaining one’s position or “line” as they call it seems fair though. I know I wouldn’t subscribe to the rubbing is racing philosophy in MotoGP racing if I was out there.

Of course if I were a punt returner in the NFL I would be calling fair catch on every punt. 

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An intentional collision will result in DQ, probably suspension, and if repeated, expulsion from the series. Even racing "incidents" can result in penalties and docking of points if deemed reckless or dangerous.

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2 hours ago, doc47 said:

TY. I think I get shunted to videod that look real but turn out to be games.

Yes, I'm that naive!

There are some video game promos out there. Notice the fake spectators in them. You won’t see them duking it out in the real world. One video game promo shows that “guy” running people off the track, multiple collisions. No way is he going to stay upright doing that in an actual race. 

Now if you google “1993 Springfield mile video” it might be a little more believable. 


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Yes, riders that cause wrecks can be disqualified. There is a balance to that, as running 130 mph 6 inches apart is in fact a dance that is incredible to watch. Which is what racing is all about. Yet throw your bike into a turn going faster than you can possibly hold a line under another rider already committed to a good line....and washing out into them isn't going to make any friends with other riders or officials. 

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I can relate to that Terry; trying to keep up with Chris K or Bernie is similar in my view.  :bike:  Pushes the envelope in my comfort zone, which is not a bad thing, by the way.  

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1 hour ago, wbw6cos said:

I can relate to that Terry; trying to keep up with Chris K or Bernie is similar in my view.  :bike:  Pushes the envelope in my comfort zone.  

I used to chase Gray Dog and Dances With Roads with my heart in my mouth until I put a set of Ohlins on the RT. Then I could keep up with Reed but never could catch Gray Dog. I was pleased with my improvement but heeded the wisdom I had read here so many times: "Ride your own ride!"

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