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Forma Terra EVO X And ADV Tourer Lady Boots Review


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Forma Terra EVO X And ADV Tourer Lady Boots Review intro

I’ve had many “waterproof” adventure and non-adventure boots, some better than others. On long trips, especially where we live in the Pacific North “wet,” waterproofing gets put to the test. All my boots would eventually get wet and cold inside so I was looking for a solution. Enter our friends at Forma Boots. They suggested their Terra EVO X boots for me and the ADV Tourer Lady boots for Cheryl. During the last year we put them to the test, HARD. This included short- and long-haul rides, some of which were in unbelievably bad conditions, including relentless, torrential, gale-force rain, deep mud, and a few obligatory off-road crashes. In other words, we worked them hard.

Both pairs show external wear on the sole and leather, and mine lost a small retaining bolt for a protective plastic piece on the right boot. Both pairs proved to be absolutely waterproof, the GORE-TEX lining preventing even a drop of the wet stuff from getting in, regardless of conditions.

Forma Adventure Boots Review Both

Another critical factor for us is comfort, and both pairs are reasonably comfortable. Not perfect, but close. This single fact can be a decision point in selection of footwear, therefore finding a size that works for you is vital. We suggest trying on any set of boots first, which sounds rather obvious, but it might be difficult depending on the motorcycle shop you visit, especially in recent times with CV19 restrictions. Fortunately, we were able to try on versions of Forma’s adventure line and found sizes that fit us well.

Yet another factor is protection; however, my boots provided a significantly higher degree of protection than the Lady’s Adventure version. Having been on the receiving end of a rock to the shin on the Haul Road north of Fairbanks, I know that protection helps mitigate the chance of a trip-ending lower leg injury. Something to consider in making your selections.

I did not attach the steel toe plates as I’m not an enduro rider, but they’re included with the packaging for those who need them. The tops are held closed with a Velcro fold, and my boots have three plastic retaining tabs that are adjustable and keep everything tight regardless of what weight of socks I am wearing.

Are they worth it? Cheryl and I think they are. Would I exclude examining any other adventure-style boots? No, because everyone’s feet are different and slight size variations and insole properties can mean a lot. For us, they worked and checked all of the boxes. For a middleweight price you get great, truly waterproof boots, which is not a bad deal in my book.

Forma Adventure Boots Review EvoX


MSRP: Terra EVO X $379 | ADV Tourer Lady $249

Where to Buy: 

Terra EVO X:  Revzilla btn        ADV Tourer Lady: Revzilla btn


  • Waterproof in tough conditions
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive


  • EVO X require adjusting of the shift lever
  • Loss of protective support bracket screw

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