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Found - WTB:Manual tire machine in Washington or Oregon


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I'm disappointed when I've had a new tire mounted to see yet another scratch or damage to my rim because of carelessness by the motorcycle dealership. I am looking for an inexpensive manual tire machine I could pick up in Washington or Oregon. I've watched for six months on several sites and have yet to locate one so I've turned to the BMW Sport Touring classifieds hoping to connect with a seller nearby.

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I see you are in Tumwater. I am out in Delphi and I have an electric-pneumatic tire changer you can use. You would need to bring just the wheels as I don't have room in the garage right now to park your bike and take the wheels off.


ps- I have an old harbor freight MC tire changer, you can have if you want it. It is basically ok but probably you would want to pick up some No-Mar accessories to make it a easier unit to use on your wheels. I went from that to my current unit.

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I'd like to publicly thank you Shane for your generosity.  Your  'old'  Harbor Freight  MC tire changer fills the bill nicely!  It'll be a joy changing my own tires now.  Thank you.  Bill

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