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“East to Zero” Book Review


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“East to Zero” Book Review intro

“East to Zero” by Christian Brix, Reviewed by Sam Manicom

This is Christian Brix’s second book. His first, Unseen Walls, followed his journey the length of western Africa, and northward along the eastern side of the continent to Kenya. Christian’s first book showed me sides of Africa that I’d never experienced, yet we’d seen many of the same things, been in similar situations, and traveled it by motorcycle. I’d been eagerly awaiting his second book, but also wondering how on earth he could follow such an intense and fascinating read as Unseen Walls which, by the way, is a prized keeper, one from which I learned much.

He’s not let us down with the new book. In fact, it’s better still, taking you riding with him on the next stage of his journey, from southeast Asia into China, across Myanmar, and far into India.

As you’d expect from a motorcycle travel book, he covers a huge range of topics, from people to geography; climate to religion, riding and awe; to the challenges every motorcycle traveler has to deal with when they set out to explore our world. This is a book of passion for travel, and evaluation of self.

I found myself feeling completely and, at times uncomfortably, involved, as I followed the threads of adventure and challenge within this book. Those challenges are both physical and mental. There is an awakening for the author that’s fascinating to follow.

I also loved the incredibly fast pace. His story picked me up from my chair and gave me a darned good shaking. There are very few readers who will not be challenged by the well laid-out logic within these pages. Christian Brix does this with a deft skill that takes controversy and turns it into curiosity. With fine balance to those moments, he creates descriptions and imagery so strong that you could be riding beside him as he heads into the freezing cold of Tibet or through the noise, heat and dust of India.

There are some who will pick up this book and not attempt to understand what’s going on, as it’s far from a gentle read. I think that most, however, by a very large percentage, will be riveted to this wonderfully open-hearted story of man, machine, mind and the world.

Do I agree with everything Christian has written? No. Was I fascinated following his thought processes? Very much so. It took him two years to craft this book, and I use “craft” with respect for his strengths, honesty and skill.

Do I want to travel at this pace, with this intensity of thought processes? No. I’m too lazy. Have I been enthralled by this book and turned the last page with the sensation that the time reading it had been well spent? Absolutely. 

East to Zero Book Review CoverEast to Zero

Rating:  5 of 5 STARS

Author: Christian Brix

Publisher: Nielson U.K.

Kindle: $5.99 | Paperback: $15


ISBN-10: 1916200982

ISBN-13: 978-1916200982


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