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Grease Seeping


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I have rear end grease seeping from around the boot. Not

a great deal of grease but enough every 500 miles I need

to wipe off the dirt buildup. What do I have to look forward to? bncry.gif

Thanks in advance.

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Well, if you're still in warranty ('04 R1150RT, from your profile), a trip to the dealer, in the first instance.


The most likely cause is seepage from the final drive input shaft seal. This tends to be made worse by continued high speed running, warmer temperatures and/or higher final drive oil fill level.


My '02 had the seal replaced twice under warranty, but there is still a bit of a weep. I don't worry about it now, but just clean out the rubber boot every service. There isn't much in there, but once it starts coming out at the boot edges, it can go a long way! Reducing the fill level of the final drive has reduced the amount of leakage.


There are other, rather more serious possibilities for the source -- gearbox output seal, for example -- but that final drive seal is the most likely, I would say. Either way, log it with the dealer.

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As mentioned, '04 = in warranty = let the dealer deal with it.


But in general, unless it's flooding out, it's really a TADT issue. Even the new hexheads seem to weep a little. At least my R1200GS does.

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