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EBC pads for the rear


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Will be putting on EBC rear pads as soon as they get here. I am aware that I will have to clean up the pin and apply anti-seize or caliper slide/pin lubricant. 1)Will I run into any issues like some folks have had with the front pads like having to drill the holes out a little oversize?

2)When pads are out, can I spray some brake cleaner on a clean rag and get inside the caliper the best I can? Or should I just spray a couple of shots of brake cleaner inside the caliper and try to clean it up somewhat with some nice, lint-free scott shop towels?

3)Can I coat backs of pads with Permatex anti-squeal compound? I have seen no copper grease in auto parts stores. What do y'all use?

4) I thought I recalled something about the front brakes where some folks transferred some sort of anti-rattle clip to the new pad and riveted it. Do the stock rear pads have some sort of anti-rattle clip? Have '98 RT. Thanks.

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I also have a '98. I had to remove some of the metal backing plate from mine. Just used the old ones as a patern. The holes were ok. Did you get HH or organic? I have run both without any "squeel" The organics wear faster and dust a lot more, but worked fine.

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Buy the BMW rear brake service kit (34212330313). Comes with a new pin and the clip that fits over the pads. That is the equivalent of the anti-rattle clip AFAIK. I use the aluminum anti-sieze, the copper stuff seems to be a mythical elixir from Wurth that I can't seem to put a finger on. Generally, the books say not to use the spray solvent on the brakes, but I think a careful application is helpful. Use a rasp if you have some fitment issues. Stock EBC's worked OK for me.


p.s. I'm told that the sintered pads are a no-no for BMW rotors. Brake-tack spray should be OK, I've seen it recommended for these changes before (especially the front w/o the clips)

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I had to remove some of the metal backing plate from mine.
This is what I was told also when I purchased rear pads for the first time ever...a month ago. As a result, I got EBC for the fronts and SBS for the rears. Either type of EBC pads will yield excellent performance.
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