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End of an era


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The end of the Rossi era probably began two , maybe three years ago as he struggled to keep pace with the newer generation.   But today in his final race at age 42 (!!!) , his pace mid-late race was as good as the front runners.  And he finished


10th ...  never in contention for a podium but still in the top 10 riders in the most competitive field ever in MotoGP. 

His winning race craft, his personality, humanity and absolute joy at doing what he was doing in the prime years will not be duplicated .


GOAT is appropriate at this point in time ... will he be surpassed ?  Who knows?


 Marquez looked to be on track for most wins / championships but with Marc's latest injury which has brought back his double vision issue, I think Marc is done. 


He made an amazing comeback before this latest injury, but even if he comes back ... again ... that raw energy and fearless that he (and all other top riders must posses) will not return. 


Of the new crop, obviously Miller has the personality, but not the winning consistency.  The rest may present well, but they lack that spark , the showmanship and  actual fun that Rossi brought to the sport.


Grazie Vale 





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Rossi was an innovator in helmet design over the years ...


My favorite 




It was reported that Rossi said it was one of  Aldo Drudi’s best and accurately depicted his face trying to brake at the end of the straight at Mugello.   :burnout:




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John Ranalletta

Had the privilege of watching him race and win here in Indy. Almost met him at the Indy mile flat track the night Kenny Roberts did a few laps. 

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I was excited to catch the race Sunday…sad to see it was Rossi’s last, but he’s had a killer run. He owns the VR46 race team and I guess he’s going to race cars next year?! Interesting for sure!

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