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Viable online sourced fairing screw alternatives

2015 Blue RT

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In the process of removing plastic to install LED  headlights, I lost 1 screw and saw where others were missing. The price for the OEM 5mm screws is over $4 each. I did some research, and think I have found some viable alternatives:


There appear to be 2 types of screws, one that is about 12mm long (less the tapered end) with a short (3mm high) 7.2mm shoulder, and the other about 16mm (less the tapered end) with a long (7mm) 7.2mm shoulder. They both have about a 13mm diameter flange head. Dedicated shoulder screws are expensive, but flange screws with nylon washers are not. Here's what I found-


Mouser Electronics sells nylon 5.1mm ID stepped washers that are 2mm thick at the head, which is 10.2mm diameter, and they offer ones with 3, 4 (not stocked- special order), 7, and 9mm shoulders. The shoulders are 7mm in diameter. They are like 15 to 18 cents each.

3mm shoulder link

7mm shoulder link (currently out of stock til December) Data sheet (PDF)

9mm shoulder link


Mouser also has a deal for $7.99 Fedex 2 day shipping.


The next hurdle involves getting T25 flange screws in the correct length.


There are a couple of possibilities here, as unfortunately Mouser does not sell an affordable stainless 5mm screw. You can go long and use a bench grinder to get the same taper point that makes it easier to start them, or just go with stock length. I've had good luck with Metric hardware at both McMaster and Bel metric. Here are some links:


Belmetric stainless T25 flange 11.8mm head 5mm x16 (about 33 cents each)

Same, 20mm 36 cents each

Same, 12mm 27 cents each


McMaster's stainless torx screws have a smaller 9.5mm head. They sell in quantity, usually 25-100.

12mm long ($12.88 for 100 or about 13 cents each)

16mm long (currently $6.88 for 50 or about 14 cents each)

20mm long ($7.92 for 50)


I also looked for 5mm u-nuts. Mouser or Belmetric doesn't sell them in 5mmx.8, the best deal I found was a place called Cliphouse, $8.45 for 25. There's a possibility you could pick up the nylon ones Lowes sells and thread them to 5mm if you have a tap & die set. McMaster sells zinc plated ones $12.49 for 10.



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Hello 2015,


That looks like a good way to go and much easier than my route.


I had ordered SS tubing from mcmastercarr and was going to cut the lengths that I needed but haven't yet figured out what adhesive I would use to secure the tubing to the screw.  Loosing the small piece of tubing will prove just as frustrating as loosing a screw.



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