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Continental Tires


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Anyone out there running Continental tires? Which one are you running and what are your thoughts regarding handling, dry grip, wet grip, mileage and anything else that you consider important? Thanks.

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In 2019, I rode 41k miles in 7mo on my 2016RT and went thru 8 rears and 6 front tires while doing Tour of Honor.  Sometimes the tire changes were premature just due to when I passed thru home, or when I was near Rocky Mtn ATV.

For my fast, motivated/time critical style of riding, the best longevity/range of tires was using a Dunlop RS3 rear and the BS T31 front (now T32). Price per pair online (usually RM ATV or Chaparral) was about $260-$270 before tax.

In an experiment to save a few $$, before this last summer's riding, I bought a couple of sets of ContiMotion from RM ATV for $174 per pair!  I still rode locally in a spirited fashion with one week up in VT/NH enjoying some nice curvy roads, about 2000 miles on the tires with no negative feedback about these Continental economy tires.  

Unfortunately, during my VT/NH ride, I was rear ended and my RT was totaled, so no definitive answer about tread wear or mileage. During my abbreviated trial using the ContiMotion tires, they performed about as well as most tires I used over the 250k or so miles I have on touring bikes.  I really wanted to find an affordable tire that would reduce my cost of ownership on my RT, since I put on lots of miles each year, but my test was cut short due to the accident. My replacement bike in the interim is a 2012 K1600GT and I'm going to do DoubleDark Side on it since I had the K1600GT before with a favorable experience using a car tire on the rear and a slightly oversize rear MC tire mounted on the front...I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS SETUP TO ANYONE!  It's only for specific goals I have for mileage and I don't want to debate the other pros/cons.  If anyone doesn't think it's a good idea, then by all means don't try it!


Here's a link to my experience with my accident last Aug. https://forums.bmwmoa.org/showthread.php?100781-2016-R1200RT-Accident-Recap-Helite-Turtle2


I still have a fresh set of the ContiMotions for the RT and hope to carry out my testing of them when I get another 1200/1250 RTW.


Sorry I don't have a complete review/assessment of the ContiMotion, but my observations over just 2k miles I'd rate them 7 out of 10 using a reference to the Dunlop RS3 and BS T32 as 8.5 out of 10.

I don't think the experience I've had with PR4's justify the $$/mile and think that the Road5 GT at $440/set is overpriced for the miles they return.  PR4's I'd rate at 5 out of 10 based on cupping fronts and average miles on rears.


Hope this helps.

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Wow...Brad...I some how missed your accident.  Dude...thats pretty amazing the protection the gear afforded you.  I had been kicking around the idea of a helite...now I will definitely order one.  Hope the discount code still works.


Tires...for the op....My bike when new came with the Continentals that Brad likes.  At roughly 2000 miles I changed them out.  They weren't worn but there were two experiences with them I didn't care for.  I live near Houston.  Houston has a lot of roads with grainy wavy water prevention paving.  I found those tires to follow and wobble a bit more than I liked and more than other tires I had experienced.  That doesn't make them a bad tire, it just means I prefer a tire that the roads didn't affect their tracking.  The other reason was in a couple of hard over turns the rear tire kicked out on me a couple of times.  I had never experienced that on my RT before.  I would follow Brad's advice as he has way more tire experiences than I do.  Just sharing my view with you.

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I've been using Continental's in their various incarnations since 1976

On the "modern Boxer's" I have fitted Conti-Force, followed by Conti Road Attack 1, 2 & 3 ( Road Attack 4 is being released shortly.

Over the same periob my "work bike" had various Michelin Road & Dunlop RoadSmart's, & truth be told, I was happy with them all.

But I keep coming back to Conti's. And have never experienced what I would term unwanted characteristics on UK roads.



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