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Front Brake Pads... A New Adventure


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This morning I was removing my front tire/wheel, for a tire replacement. As I disassembled the brake calipers from the wheel, I discovered my brake pads are in need of replacement. Any suggestions on replacement pads? Should I order from Bob's and get BMW boxed brake pads? Or is there a better brake pad? Is it true the best brake pads are made from Ducati owners tears? Does it even matter? I can deal with CalMoto my local dealership. Nah, probably not... So my sisters and brothers on the forum,

Do You have any suggestions? (brake pads)

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I like and use Ferodo pads. Used them on my 04 R1100S and my 16 R1200RS. The website is Braketech.com, but it is best to contact Jeff Gehrs (jeff@braketech.com) directly and ask for your specific model.  

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The BMW boxed pads fit right and perform well. I have had good luck with putting the BMW part number into the eBay search box and got them at a good price.  Also check with Beemer Boneyard for the Carbonne Lorraine pads. They are priced right and also work very well.

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