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Big MakPlus & Cycle Gadgets


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I ordered a Big Mak Diamond Tank Bag "Plus" in the beginning of March.

The tank bag and other items arrived promptly.

However the tank bag (packaged and labelled as a "plus") did not have the plastic insert that makes it a "plus".

E-mails/phone calls were promptly and courteously handled.

I was told that all the bags were missing this part.

I was told this is a suppliers issue and would be notified promptly and sent the insert ASAP after Cycle Gadgets got them.

It has been 2 1/2 months.

I have no complaint about quality of product.

Just a heads up if you were/have ordered this product (not other models of Big Mak) and had a trip planned like I did (and do).

Inquire first if your tank bag is complete, or is the insert still unavailable?

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