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Suzuki Missed a Great Opportunity


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The new guy from BC and his most excellent bike collection sent me searching the web for info on the Wes Cooley Replica GS 1000 S and I find out Wes had just passed away! :( 
His heyday in racing was just as I was entering into street riding so, I can’t claim to be a follower of his. But over the years I’ve come to appreciate his modest demeanor. 

Suzuki should of pushed hard to get a new WCR into production before his passing. 




Studying your garage art, I see you were a true fan of the man! :thumbsup:

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Wow. Brings up sweet memories of Loudon many moons ago. Admired that guy for both his skills and humility. Met him in the pits and he was very warm and welcoming.



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1 hour ago, TEWKS said:

@K1300R Feel free to continue with that story either here or start a new post! Very interesting! :thumbsup:

Cool....where should I start a new post? cheers :) You might regret this...lol :3:

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If you’re going to include travel in your story, “Ride Tales” would be the place. About your bikes and the WC visit, “ Motorcycle Talk” should do it. :thumbsup:

But with your resume, you can do whatever the heck you want! :rofl:

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3 hours ago, TEWKS said:


The picture of me and Wes sitting beside  each other in my garage, we are watching this very documentary and he is giving us all play by play....very surreal.... :)

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