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TechSpec SnakeSkin Combo Protection Kit for T7 Review

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TechSpec SnakeSkin T7 Review intro

I’ve never been a fan of hard bags. Maybe, if I were doing more distance work, that would change, but there are so many good soft luggage options on the market, I doubt it will be anytime soon. So, when I was asked to test TechSpec’s Combo Protection Kit for my Yamaha T7, I jumped at the opportunity.

Even though I acquired this bike to get down and dirty, I like to keep it free from the tiny scratches that saddle bags, tank bags and other attachments burr into the panels and plastics. TechSpec’s kit arrived with seven precut pieces that molded perfectly to the Yamaha T7’s curves. Also worth mentioning is this kit comes not only with saddle and tank bag strips but also with tank and side panel grips that let the rider assert more control over the motorcycle when the going gets extreme and technical. TechSpec’s proprietary grip material, SnakeSkin, apparently has over twenty years of development. Their adhesive easily and securely attached to my bike’s panels and has never moved even a fraction of a millimeter. This extra grip also has great benefits under normal riding conditions, as your knees and thighs can grip during braking, acceleration, and directional changes to minimize rider fatigue. This has been a much-needed improvement over the stock T7’s slick surfaces.

TechSpec Snakeskin Review 1

For my maiden voyage with the TechSpec Combo Kit mounted, I securely fastened my soft saddlebags as well as my tank bag and headed for the mountains. For this trip I had the bags loaded fairly heavily, and the route was very rough at times, with the saddlebags bouncing and banging around like they do. After many hours of abuse since then, I’m happy to report that the TechSpec protectors have done their job remarkably well. I’ve put a couple thousand miles on the panels with zero wear on my T7’s bodywork. Again, the extra grip the tank and side panels give your legs is a welcome addition, too. This kit is a winner!


MSRP: $175.95


  • Simple and easy installation
  • Very well-built and rugged
  • Does an excellent job of protecting your investment while providing grip


  • A tad pricey

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