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GPS mount for R1100RT


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I new to the BMW world. As you can see from my username thumbsup.gif.


I have a 2610 and need to get it mounted to my bike. I would like it high enough as to not to have to look too far down to see it. I also would like to know how to get the voice into my helmet. I currently have a J&M set in my helmet.


I would really appreciate pictures of how you have yours hooked up.


Thanks thumbsup.gif

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My mounting arrangement is very similar to David's (even have the V1 in the same place) except that I fabricated a couple of 'L' brackets out of aluminum stock vs. the adjustable clamshell mount for the GPS. Not difficult even for the clumsy and looks very clean on an RCU shelf once complete. I use the Garmin mount to hold the GPS itself and have had no issues with security. I did find it useful to run a strip of aluminum stock under the length of the RCU shelf to stiffen it up a bit but I like David's idea of the extra tab providing another attachment point from the mount to the fairing... might give that a try one of these days.


Once a few details are taken care of the RCU shelf makes an excellent platform for a GPS and a radar detector... put the units right up near the line of sight with the road for safest operation. I also tried several options but this is the one that works.

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