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3 rd Annual Detroit Tech Daze


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thanks John and Mitch

I'd like to add my thanks too. I've been wanting to watch a brake fluid bleed on an intergrated system, and was able to do that yesterday. Thanks again.

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John Diakonis

Well I have to say it was the best tech day yet! About 20 bikes showed up and we performed throttle body syncs, valve adjustments, brake bleeds on non and intergrated brake systems,alternator belts, fuel filters etc. The weather cooperated beautifully! Sun and near 70.


Many thanks to Mitch, AGAIN, for supervising, and instilling confidence in all of us.

Mike Gold, our grillmeister, cooked up some great burgers!


Many of you traveled quite a distance to attend and I hope you found the trip worth it and educational.

If anyone took pictures please post them for everyone to see.


Have a fantastic riding season everyone and hopefully we can do it again next year. John

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John Diakonis

I almost forgot to thank Laurene from CycleGadgets for her donation of helmet liners and stainless steel screw kits and Jim from the BeemerBoneYard for his donation of really cool T shirts. Please continue to support those who support us.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Glad to see a few new people get familiar with the innards of their bike, and a few repeat visitors diving into their maintenance tasks with more confidence than the previous year.


No major snafus, except for one fellow who busted the fitting on his GS tank's crossover hose. Fortunately the dealer was nearby and had another one in stock.


Third time in a row we've had a day of fantastic weather in the middle of a whole bunch of badness. I Had a great time, except for one stupid mistake: I got sunburned. frown.gif Not real bad, as I spent about half my time in the garage, but dammit, I oughta know better.


Great food! Endless donuts and coffee in the morning, and some fantastic cheeseburgers and fixin's around lunchtime.


Great giveaways! There were all kinds of neat things given away in a raffle, including helmet slicks and T-shirts. I scored a shirt from Beemer Boneyard; great sketch of a dog carrying a driveshaft in its mouth. Woof! grin.gif


Many thanks to John the host for creating such a welcoming environment. Looking forward to the next get-together! thumbsup.gif

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If anyone took pictures please post them for everyone to see.

Hmmmmmmm, I see that the "Mo Town Crew" is photographically challenged! tongue.gif


Did the "Techgnome Geek" make it in time? confused.gif

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My guess is that the picture guy was doing all the work! Mitch, you gotta hand over the Cannon on occasion my friend!



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