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Near miss bad accident!


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Although I have not gotten the new bike yet I took the old Bandit out today. Great day as far as weather. Bad news 3 of the 5 riders went down. DO NOT take back entrance into Little River Canyon, AL. We went up and there is a very steap hill with a stop sign at the top. I was in back and when the first two bikes Victorys came to a stop they started slidding backwards in the loose gravel. Next was a buddy of mine on his GS. He went to the sholder to avoid the two sliding bikes. He too went down on newer tires. I was with my neighbor on his 06 FJR with 500 miles. We were lucky to get around to the flat ground and did so back wheels spinning. Two Gold Wings came up next and they too never stopped and still barely made it through. Not good at all and the ranger we informed showed little intrest in the problem. One of the guys on a victory which we did not know before today then decided he wanted to punch it and pass us all on the right. I was again at the back and saw it unfold. My neighbor on his FJR was about to turn right with the GS and the other victory as the guy passing on the right had no idea we were slowing and turning right. The guy almost hit the fjr 50 MPH plus. He left the road to the right and saved it. He got thrown into the waterfall we were turning to see when it was over.

I really missed the BMW group of guys I ride with at this point. My neighbor on his FJR is one of the rare exceptions to this rule for me. It is very obvious with the people I ride with that it seems the BMW type riders are safer in many respects. Some of us may be faster but in a safe and appropriate time and place. I wish I was not tied to just riding with the BMW club riders and my neighbors but for me it makes for a longer life expectancy. It was still a good ride and a beautifull place. Just glad no one was hurt. Mr. pass on right in one lane decided to leave us behind on the way home. We tried to follow for awhile as it did feel safer to be behind him anyway. We were surprised as after about ten minutes of triple digit speeds on the interstate we let him go. No alcohol and riding for me EVER and none occured with any of these guys.

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As you found out you need to be VERY careful who you ride with. And if you don't know them, offer to ride sweep so you can observe. wink.gif If I had my choice of the guys you were riding with or none at all.........

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It is truly unfortunate that some people seem to miss out on what truly could be a wonderful time, all in the interest of ego and self-centered behavior.


It is so true, you have to be very selective with the crowd you ride with. Sometimes, your safety hangs in the balance. If nothing else, your enjoyment and sensibilities do.


Glad you came through unscathed. thumbsup.gif

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