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Some Pics from Fall Torrey (42!)


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A selection of photos I took last weekend. 

The first day was a blast through the smoke filled desert. No pics...



Don, Rob, and John. They ARE smiling. We just haven't stopped for coffee in a while...



Dinner Friday night was on the patio. Nice view!



Saturday we went sight-seeing. This is an un-named turn out on Utah 12.

Then it was on to the Burr Trail.



THE Ohio State shenanigans



The sunlight reflecting off the canyon walls caused the "pink" affect.



Enjoying the view.







I lost those guys coming out of Boulder :whistle:, but I stopped for lunch with others. This is the view from a little Mexican Restaurant in Torrey.



Sunday's Sunrise. Time to head home...









We stopped in Kodachrome State Park for a bit. Thanks Dennis!





This place has a kinda "theme" going on.





There's another one...





Wait. What?



Hmmm... Time to go.



Lunch Stop. First time here, but I'll be back!



Rob was trying to decide if "ape hangers" would really work on his RT.

I think...

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Just a few more...



Monday morning, those of us still traveling together decided to go through The Valley Of Fire, and on down to North Shore Drive to get around most of Vegas.

This is one of the pictures I took with my (very) cheap Fuji point n shoot. There are many more, but the quality is so poor, I'm embarrassed to put them up.

But while I was getting my cheap camera out and setting it up, my compadres all left me behind. I thought they were going one way, but apparently not...

I did eventually catch up to them though.



At this smelly spring. Smells like sulfur, but there are fish living in this pool.


Once into Vegas, the rest of the trip consisted of interstate droning, traffic, and a sore butt. I did make one last stop though...




Can't wait to do it again!

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4 minutes ago, Dennis Andress said:

So….  Would you mind telling us about the cow you tipped over?

I think it's one o those, "ya had to be there" sorta things...

I wasn't trying to tip any cows... :4907:

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Dennis Andress

Okay, I've missed Torrey for several years in a row, but I can't remember a Torrey with nicer weather.


The Reef




I hope ya'll liked Kodachrome Park. For me, it's one of those places I don't care if I ever see again :4331:



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Dennis Andress
6 minutes ago, Rob Nowell said:

Good pictures, Don.  I had a blast on my first rally.  You guys are great! 


I'm still giggling over Sunday's ride!  I'll have to work hard to beat it next year.

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Rob Nowell

I have a question about Mr. Duck's solo picture:  Was he doing the "O-M-C-A" dance, or paying homage to the University of Oregon's football program?

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5 hours ago, Rob Nowell said:

I have a question about Mr. Duck's solo picture:  Was he doing the "O-M-C-A" dance, or paying homage to the University of Oregon's football program?


I think that's called a pirOhiouette, but I could be wrong. I'm a long suffering Hawkeye fan myself...

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