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SOLD - For Sale 2014 V-Strom 650 ABS - $5000

Charles Elms

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Time to hang it up because of age.  This bike replaces by 1100 RT when it became to heavy for me.  It's been optimized for solo touring.  All riding jackets, etc are also included. 23,000 touring miles.


Price - $5000


Accessories for 2014 Red V-Strom 650 ABS

Russell Day Long seat + factory seat

3 windshields
  GIVI AirFlow adjustable
  WERKS Quiet Ride
center stand
S/W Moto Tek crash bars
foot peg lowerers
fork brace
electronic cruise control
mirror extenders
heated grips
hand guards
Suzuki tank bag
GIVI top box with brake light
SHAD panniers
LED pulsing stop light
battery charge indicator LED
electronic speed healer if factory sprocket used
highway front sprocket
new sprockets (front and rear)
new chain
tires < 2k miles
wired for electric jacket and charger
GPS RAM mount above dash
factory shop manual
trickle charger

gerbings electric heated gloves
2 First Gear jackets with liners - Black and Dayglow yellow
BMW Rain suit
Rain Pants - bib style
HJC flip helmet
Three digit rain over mits - orange
regular motorcycle gloves
waterproof motorcycle gloves


IMG_5991 (Large).JPG

IMG_6001 (Large).JPG

IMG_5998 (Large).JPG

IMG_5995 (Large).JPG

IMG_5994 (Large).JPG

IMG_5992 (Large).JPG

IMG_5996 (Large).JPG

IMG_5992 (Large).JPG

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What a nicely equipped VStrom. Wish I had seen it before I bought mine.  Curious about the electronic cruise control.  What brand is it and how difficult was the install?  Really surprised it hasn’t sold yet!

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It's a Rostra.  Quite a few people have put them on VStroms.  I had to fabricate a simple "L" bracket from strip aluminum for the mechanical hook up to the throttle linkage.  Removing all the clutter to get to the linkage took a while as  I had never done it. Just took some time.  Realshelby(on this and the VStrom forum) was one of the early converters and has lots of very good posts on how to do it and connect it electronically. I  ow him a debt of gratitude for this. I had to do some small wire soldering, but I could do that.  Cruise control is one of the best features on any bike that is used for touring in my opinion.  Bike is still for sale if you are interested.  I think it will go quickly when the weather warms up.

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Remember you well and your 1200.  It's replacement will definitely not have a roof, but will have 4 wheels, not 3.  Miata or Mustang?


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