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Like a rock


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20 years, where'd they go.


It was a typical Tuesday morning, kinda cool in SW Georgia.  I was stationed a Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Ga.  I was the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the range.  We were on our second day of practice fire, shooting started at 0800.  My position was on the mike calling range commands to the firing line.  We were barely into the third string of fire when I was told that a "small plane" had hit one of the towers.  I thought nothing of it.  A few minutes later, I was told that a second plane had it the other tower and that it was an airliner.


Without direction, I immediately called a cease fire on the range, unload, clear and lock.  I had all shooters turn in all weapons and ammunition and told them to report back to their duty locations.  It doesn't take much thought to think that this wasn't an "accident" that two planes hit both towers.  Once all weapons were given to the armorer for transport back to the armory and ammunition given to the ammo tech for storage, I and my team headed to the nearest TV to see what was going on.  I contacted my immediate command for instructions and waited.  Being an infantryman in a support billet, I suspected that we'd be called back to an infantry unit to beef it up for any future deployment/defense locations.  


Our little base was put on lock down.  The MPs started roving patrols along the fenceline.  100%ID checks went into effect, vehicle searches, etc., etc.  


As the events unfolded, life sucked.  Just knowing that this senseless act upon a mass of non-combatants had taken place is enough to make blood boil,....they could have easily flown and hit a military target, but chose a soft target instead.


Many people enlisted or got commissioned right after that event.  And many of those are coming up on their 20 years........like a rock, they stood proud, they stood tall, their eyes were clear and bright. 



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I’ve said stuff like this before but other than a doctor that may have just saved a family members life, I place our military personnel, especially the ones doing the dirty work on the top shelf! :clap:
 It may take history a little time to get it down correctly but you guys are our current greatest generation. 20 years without another attack on the homeland, you done did good, thank you! :thumbsup:

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