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Cruise control and rear brake lights for 13 f700gs


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Any recommendations on a throttle lock for 13 f700?


Also what about added rear brake lights that modulate?  Maybe hyperlights? Looking for something plug and play. Have hyperlights on my 2011 rt but did not install then they came on it.

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Not sure if they make one for the F700 or not. You'll have to look it up .Kisan Signal Minders are great . It has different timed shut off for the signals and will modulate the brake light when applied. Mine blinks fast when the brakes are first applied and goes solid. about 3 sec. Hoping to pic up a F800 , and if it works out ,  that is one of the first mods. I'll do if availabe

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I think I am going to put a Hex Ezcan on it and run Hyperlights off it.  That will also allow running lights in the future.


Still need a throttle lock or something for her.

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