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GPS mount for a K75s


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I do not have a k75 but have a k1200rs, have you looked at the ram mounts at cyclegear.



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Has anyone installed a GPS on a K75s? I have some ideas but would like to see some other options. Thanks.


I have a Saeng mount (mirror) dual platform that I use for a Garmin GPS V and a V1.


I modified it to mount thru the handlebar pad above one of the blank switch" knock outs.


Parts: Bolt with nylock nut and large flat lock/star washer. A short piect of flat metal 2-3" bracket or metal to use as additional support.


Drill a hole thru the pad forwar of the handlebar thru the plastic and embedded metal in the pad. Using the metal bracket as additional support w/ a washer and nylock nut under mount the Saeng platform in that central location. Should be clear of the keyand any switches you have installed. Tighten the bolt enough to prevent rotation but just enough to slightly squeeze the pad. DONE! Seems to absorb any vibes and locates the V1 and GPS behind the windshield and just below the line of sight of the instruments.

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Used that arraingement for years with no problems.

You might be able to zoom in and see it from the front in the attached pic.


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