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BMW Leather Club Jacket… quality?


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Is anybody here wearing a BMW Leather Club Jacket when you ride? I’m referring to the model with the blue stripe down the sleeves. 

I’m just wondering how these jackets measure up: quality wise, durability, protection, and comfort. 
Or are they really just made for casual wear?

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The pads look pittifully wimpy.  I'm sure the quality of materials and workmanship is good (or better than good).  This one only showed the shoulder pad in the vid I saw and it was pitiful.  Said it could be "retrofitted for a back pad".   If retro looks and high price appeal to you, this might be just what you need.


I prefer much better protection in a jacket in the shoulders, elbows, chest, and back. I'm just not concerned about "the look" while walking around.  I am more concerned about walking around after the slide.  BTJM.





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I’ve never actually seen one in person. So I have no idea what the quality is.
There’s a guy a few hundred miles from where I am, who has a brand new, never worn Club Jacket that I could probably get for about $250.00 or thereabouts. 

So I’m looking for people who either have one, or had one, and what their experience is/was while wearing it, and their opinion of it—whether it be good or bad. 

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I’ve had hands on one a few times and the leather felt substantial to me. If it has the pads you want, or you could add them, I’d think it would be on par with a typical high end leather jacket. 

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1 hour ago, Yango said:

Nice. Maybe I’ll make the guy an offer. 

I’d wear one gladly. Maybe not touring, but for a day ride in the right weather probably and definitely for bopping around town or going to bike night type thing with maybe a bit of ride before or after. 

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