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Navi Lock by Oldtimer


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Hi, to prevent taking the nav 6 of the bike when I am at a fuel station i ordered a nav lock system from Oldtimer in Slovenia.
Anyone any experience with that system?


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Installed 2 yr ago. Work great...did 5 installs & had to file the plunger a 2 of them so they slid easy into the lock position.

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I installed the OldTimers system about a month ago. It works. If you have the Sirrius antenna you need to move the antenna to the Oldtimers unit and remove the BMW mount for the antenna.


I ordered the Oldtimers lock in December, it arrived in late February. It seems like there were some delays in international postal systems due to covid. 

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Wunderlich sells the same unit (or a remarkably dead-on copy).  WunderlichUSA.com is the only source of which I'm aware for U.S. purchase (Wunderlich Germany's website won't sell to a U.S. purchaser).  


Nothing is inexpensive at Wunderlich USA, but if there is a problem I'd rather deal with the U.S. distributor that a Slovenian seller (nothing against Slovenia, just referring to the potential difficulties associated with dealing with a company far across the pond).  Also avoids the cost of cross-Atlantic shipping and clearing U.S. customs/import fees.

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