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Spring 21 check in


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Joel, Brad and I made it to Salida around 6:30.. Brad just left for the Metroplex around 5am.


I really enjoy seeing my friends at Torrey. 

...to be continued



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Dennis Andress
13 minutes ago, Twisties said:

Bullett and I made it in around 1 pm yesterday.  Enjoyed seeing everybody.


I'm sorry I missed ya'll.

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3 hours ago, Dennis Andress said:


I'm sorry I missed ya'll.

I was watching for you on Saturday.  

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Home safe and sound.   And for the record, I did sit on a motorcycle this weekend.

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Home safe after an overnight stop in Mesquite.  Another great trip with great people.  Cya'll at the next.

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Traffic was hell.  We got home at midnight.  The boys got a final ride in from Torrey to the 15 freeway.  Josh'es permit doesn't allow him to ride the freeways until he is 21.

Any way, great week end.  Really good seeing you all.

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Had a great time’ seeing everyone again and exploring new places

Left Torrey this morning with Mr. Bump, went our separate ways just before Panguitch

Home around 5pm

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We had a commitment on Thursday, so we didn't leave for Torrey until Friday.  And since it's Colorado (and Utah), the weather forecast from just 24 hours ago proved a waste of time.  A couple of hours of heavy-to-torrential rain greeted us from Grand Junction, CO to Green River, UT.  Normally it would take 90 minutes to go those 100 miles, but with 18-wheeler spray and kamikaze drivers, well, discretion ya know. Then when that stopped, up came the wind.  The BLOODY wind!  Hit me in the side of the helmet so hard that even with my super-tight Shoei fit, it was closing my left eye.  By the time we got to Capitol Reef, we were beat.  And it showed.  I was missing my apexes on pretty much every turn, so we stopped, took a break and regrouped just 20 miles from our destination.  Still we got into Torrey around 2PM, spent time with friends chatting and getting caught up, enjoyed some fine meals, a couple of pretty cold rides on Sat and Sun, and left for home today, Monday.  


Nice weather and light winds on the way home.  Back in beautiful Montrose, CO, after just 4 hours, rolling in at 2PM.  That gave us enough time for lunch, unpacking, clean up, and then this evening's dance class.  Joints are probably going to be a bit creaky(er) tomorrow (almost 70), but that's the way it goes.  A great time, even if we spent a couple of hours wondering what the hell we had gotten ourselves into back on Friday morning.  But that's part of what makes great rides and great adventures.  That, and great friends.


Can't wait for Fall.

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