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2006 K1200 GT

H Goode

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H Goode

My bike is a 2006 with 28k miles. Has anyone had any issues with their clutch with this low of miles? What was your bike doing to know if you need to replace the clutch. 

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What are your issues? I just had mine done....of course it had 77k miles on it. T wouldn't change gears when just pulling in the clutch. Ity wouldn't go into first easily. When it did the transmission made such a clunk that I thought  the whole thing was going to fall out.

After the big$ repair shifts a lot better. Of course BWW still has the worst transmissions of most bikes.


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What issue are you having, bike has a dry clutch, whether in a car or motorcycle they are very easy to wear out at low miles and start slipping. It is extremely easy to slip the clutch a lot to get moving. It is important to keep revs low and get clutch fully engages in a short distance and then accelerate. Slipping the clutch can get the flywheel/clutch carrier hot enough to damage the main oil seal.

If you are new to BMW with the getrag transmission (dry clutch models) you need to preload the shifter to get smooth shifts.

You will find a lot of info re clutch at BMWLT forum, there is a section for the gt and the LT which is basically the same bike as far as driveline.

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