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Aeroflow aeroflairs installed


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Got the aero flairs on the RS yesterday. 300 mile ride with a few others planned for tomorrow, so I'll have a better idea of how effective they at keeping the air moving around me and not getting blasted in the chest with air coming around the wind screen


Anyone else used these? Opinions? I like the looks as they match the smoke oem winglets


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Paul De

Nice, they do compliment  the blue. And thanks for confirming a decision.  When I was shopping I struggled with the RS or RT choice and finally decided for my region's climate. I decided to accept the extra bulk of the RT fairing for the added protection. Although, on screaming hot days I still wish for more of the air stream to be hitting my torso.

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All I know is I love their shield on my 17.5 GS.  Best screen I have found even on my 15 RT is rocked. 


I like those they do blend well.  Nice.

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