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Radio fitting


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I have a european spec R1150RT registered April 05. These models do not come with the radio wiring harness as standard. According to the haynes manual the power feeds in the radio connector block are red/white permenant live from fuse f3 and purple/black switched feeds from fuse f8. I would like to use the original fused connectors for my radio. Does anyone know where the connector block for these wires is located after they leave the fuse box ? There is a blue connector attatched to the frame just infront of the glove box with a brown earth wire, red/white permenant feed, blue/red and blue/black wires (which are the colour codes for the turn signal wires and indeed do "flash" when the indicators are operated). The manual says this is the "OE" connector but what optional equipment needs turn signal wires ? Could it be for an anti-theft alarm ?


Best wishes, Malcolm.

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