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bike stand on casters


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I have seen a description with photos of a stand that the bike can be placed on then wheeled around the garage. Good for restricted space. Can't find the site I saw it on. They are available from retailers. Appreciate any help.

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Let me know if you have any questions:




This shot illustrates how you have to use the entire dolly in order to leave space for the centerstand itself and the foot extension:




Here's a shot from the side to show you how low it is:




And here's how closely you can stack the bikes. Note that the best way to store bikes closely is to remove the mirrors and system cases, and then to reverse them front to back:



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I ordered the Motoboy (made by Telefix) from Bob's in Maryland. About $125 4 years ago. It looks exactly like the blue Wunderlich in the pics above. Works fine.

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What's the bar extending from the side of the EasyPark- a brake mechanism?


Yes. It raises two of the four sets of wheels just barely off the ground.

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