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Mixit2 or new autocom??


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I'm looking for a mixer of some sort. basically, I want to be able to have my MP3 player, sirius radio and GPS all plugged in together. I want the music to mute when the GPS kicks in. I've also thought it'd be cool to have my cell hooked in, just to hear a call come in, I'd be able to monitor it. I was all set to order a mixit, thinking it was perfect for my needs, then started doing some research on the new Autocoms.



Well, it looks like the new "Active Plus" does everything I'm looking for, plus the ability to talk on the phone. Cool, I'm thinking, but, really, I don't necessarily want to talk on the phone, so, maybe I don't need that. Currently, I don't need bike to bike or rider to pillion.


Pricing? Looks like $179 + shipping for the Mixit2. Lets call it $190 delivered.After some research, Active plus is $249 delivered. http://www.premiercycleproducts.com/autocomkit200.html


It seems like a no brainer. For $60 I get way more in expansion possibilities, and, the Autocom includes speakers, which I may or may not want. I'm pretty happy with my etymotics.. As far as the speakers, it appears some folks are happy with the speakers and earplugs? Seems it's all in the setup..


Sooooo, whats your take on this??

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Get the Autocom, the prices have come down and the quality is first class. It may be more than the other brand that you are looking at, but you will be glad that you spent the extra money and got the right one on the first purchase, not the second or third time trying to get it right.

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There have been various comments about Autocom vs the competition- bottom line is if you start with an Autocom, you wont have to upgrade to another intercom- you start with the best. No connection to Autocom except the experience I have as a user. I use a Pro-7 for everything but the kitchen sink (see signature) and have an Active-7 on my bride's trike. We use it for bike to bike and both run music audio boxes, plus I run Radar detector, satellite radio and GPS. It works seamlessly and flawlessly...Spend a little extra the first time around and you wont have to re-invent the wheel (IMHO)..

Good Luck

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