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Aftermarket Security Systems

Rob Nowell

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Paul De

Haha when I bought my first R1100RT I inquired about installing a security system as that bike had none standard.  The dealer laughed and said, don't bother, nobody steals BMW RTs and besides there are so few of them around they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret.  Now I know any bike can be stolen and it likely matters where you keep and ride the bike, but they are not the typical target bike to be stolen.  Also, if a bike is targeted to be stolen it typically happens with a panel van pulling up to it and several burly doods heaving it into the van. Flashing lights and horn out of sight and earshot in the van these warning become a moot.

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Paul De
On 5/28/2021 at 11:51 AM, sleddriverSF said:

The RT may not be a frequently targeted bike, but some of my others may be more so.

That's for sure.  Years ago when HD was selling all the bikes they could make and long waiting lists were the norm, certain models were really vulnerable to be stolen. A couple of my Hawg riding friends took to never leaving the bike out of sight when riding and parking them in their living room.  One guy used his as a Christmas tree.  Wives were not so smitten with this anti theft approach.

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I have insurance. If it is stolen they pay me something. I get that it would be a problem while on a trip. But you can get a rental car if needed. Security devices are one more thing to complicate riding. More damage has been caused by brake locking clamps than they saved! 


The reason I would never add an electrical anti theft system is based on my experience in the car business. Car alarms have screwed up more cars electrical systems than I can stomach thinking about. Not always the units fault, but poor installation practices usually. 

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2 minutes ago, realshelby said:

Car alarms have screwed up more cars electrical systems

Flashback.....remember the Clifford alarms from the 80's?  My dad had a towing business and those things made him a lot of money!!!

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Had my bikes not come with them, I would not have ordered security systems. I don't activate the one that requires a button push on the fob, and I have taken to leaving the proximity fob in the bag of the other bike that uses that style, so never really alarmed, but I do lock them if unattended overnight.

I won't mess around with a non-factory system, too many horror stories.

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uncle fester

I used a Scorpio system on a previous ST1100 that also had a perimeter sensor that was adjustable. Remote arming, ignition cutout for hijacking etc. Very comprehensive unit and nicer to have than not to have. I have another, brand new and never installed that I will install when I decide which RT I want. On one bike I owned without the alarm I stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Knoxville to eat but the line was so long I decided to move on. I came outside within 5 minutes and when I started to leave I noticed all my controls had been played with. It is not just about bike theft but getting the attention of anyone within hearing and sight that a jerk or thief is working the neighborhood.  It is far too easy to grab a bag off your bike, it doesn't matter that the thief doesn't know the contents, and trade for a pack of cigarettes or bottle of beer. I do my part by not enabling those that trespass.


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