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pelican case


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anyone figure out away to mount a pelican case to the rear luggage rack on a 1200rt??


I used to have one mounted to a touratech plate on my 1200gs...

just wondering if there is a method to mount to the rear rack without drilling holes to the bike rack.

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I thought about this.. and my Hepco Becker topcase has a mount style that might work. I couldn't do justice with a photgraph, but I made a crude sketch (attached).

You make a cross-bar that goes under the rack. Drill two holes in the crossbar. Cut two short lengths of steel tubing, just long enough to be flush with the top of the rack when placed against the crossbar. The tubes go up through the large cutouts in the rack.


Then place bolts from the underside of the crossbar, through the tube. Put a washer on top of the tube, drill holes in the pelican, couple more washers and nuts inside.

Make a second cross-bar rig, a little shorter than the first to go under the two smaller, aft-most cutouts in the rack.

You can pad the crossbar and washers to help prevent scratching the rack.


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thanks dyvking,


that is kinda what I was thinking about doing. I just didn't know if there was already an aftermarket part available already. That way it would keep my hack fabrication to a minimum.



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Well.. if you don't want to fabricate your own, I suppose the Hepco-Becker mount would work with your Pelican case. Here's some photos of the mount setup on my bike. There are several shots of the mounting plate. I'm not sure of whether the lid of the pelican case will clear the forward 'rail' on the HB mount. The HB topcase rests against it, but the lid clears it when opening.

Click here for the photos

Givi (http://www.giviusa.com) also makes an adaptor plate for mounting their case on the R12RT, and I bet it would work also. It doesn't have the forward rail, either.

Maybe you can find someone close by that has one of these mounts and take a closer look.

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