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Performance Speed Chip? Anybody try one of these on a 2004 R1150RT?


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Any reason to try one of these on a 2004 R1150RT?

(Performance Speed Chip Racing Torque Horsepower Power ECU Tuner Module for BMW on eBay)


Just wondering.

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Looks to me like that's for BMW cars. 


I personally don't know why you would want to try to make an older BMW motorcycle do something is wasn't designed to do.  But that's just me...




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About 10 years back on my 02 RT I changed out the stock muffler for a Laser cat. free . Laser recommended that I also install their chip ,which I did , pull the ccp and disconnect the o2 . With an anal TB sync and valve set , it pretty much eliminated the bad surge the bike had. I can't say if the chip had a lot to do with it or not . My guess is that it was a combo of it all that helped . I will say the one mod I did  that definitely made a difference was changing  the cam sprockets to Lennie's Rocket sprockets.

Still have the bike set up with the changes ,  50,000 miles later and it runs very good for an 1150 RT

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