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Performance of Escort's Cordless Radar Detector


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I'm really trying to keep the Tuono setup simple, and so I was tempted to check out the cordless offering by Escort. I'd done a pretty extensive test of the X50--it performed nearly as well as the V1--so I was open about this S2:




In short, it's a really crappy piece of technology. I drove through 8 states and tested it over 2,500 miles, side by side with the V1 in the truck.


1) When the batteries are new, it'll pick up some things within a second of the V1 (once it was earlier, even).


2) When the batteries dip below 60% (on the meter), it basically ignores radar. tongue.gif


Needless to say, I took advantage of their money-back guarantee.


I really wanted to like this thing. Compact. Nice controls. Built in audio plug. Unfortunately, they should have spent more of the marketing and packaging budget on the technology.

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Hi Dave! I bought one of these in 99 and have used it ever since. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I just change the batteries often, but I have had no awards while using the SOLO. I have grabbed the brakes many times when it has given a warning, even the laser detector. I DO change the batteries whenever they show less than full. Typically I get 2 full days riding on a set of batteries. To me, it's worth a couple of bucks worth of batteries. I like the unit for the same reasons as you, no external wires other than the connection to my helmet for alarm warnings. I also like to take the Solo along when I use a rental car or throw it on the dash of whatever vehicle I am driving.


I also have an old escort (circa 1985) that still works great. This one is the size of a cigar box, but hey, I trust it!

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Rob, I'd trust it too. But putting it alongside another detector will really open your eyes.

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Jerry Johnston

Maybe they've changed it but I purchased one of their first cordless and it drove me nuts since it would beep at you every 20min. to warn you it was going to shut off unless you pushed something. Today I wouldn't own anything but a Valentine and currently have three of them. Not only is their detector tops but they have the best service available.

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It is very difficult for a radar manuf to get corded performance from an battery powered device; simply a matter of power. I have both an X50 and an S2. I use the S in my car for convenience and have been satisfied with its performance. However, I know it is not up to the performance of a quality corded device.

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