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Question on RT Digital Speed Indication


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Riding along and happened to glance at my dash...noticed the tach and speedo dials went through their sweep motion, like they do before starting the bike. Bike never stalled, but I noticed the digital speed indicator was missing. The RT logo that appears in the center of the photo used to disappear after the bike was started, and then that space showed your speed in MPH. When you turned on the radio, the radio station would appear instead of the speed. Now the RT logo appears when the radio is off, with no speed indication. I know the dial speedometer is still there, but  I was used to the digital.


My question is: how do I return the speed indicator? 




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It's in the settings menu, under USER and BACKGROUND. 

Image on the display when the radio is off: Empty: No image, Logo: Logo (RT), Speedo: Digital speedometer reading.


It is curious that your display has reset like that. I saw that once on a bike that had bizarre electrical problems, the display would reset to Italian. Ok this was in Italy but I would expect a German bike to reset to German or English. LOL. 

On second thought, weak batteries have been known to creare weird problems. 

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Thanks I will check tomorrow. I ran a GS911 scan and no faults were detected. Bike is a 2018, battery seems strong and bike doesn’t sit for long.


Edit: Yes, that did it...thanks again.

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I have a 2015 RT and a number of years ago, I had the exact same thing happen to me.  It was a late afternoon/early evening ride and I was was coming home after work.  I watched the instruments reset as if I had just turned the bike on prior to starting. The motor never missed a beat but the RT logo came up instead of the digital speedometer and my presets were erased.  I noted the date, time, and mileage and brought it in to the dealership a few days later.  They checked everything and there were no fault codes logged so the only thing that could be done is to wait and see if it happens again.


It has now been over 4 years and 46,000 miles and there have been no repeats.  Even though I watched it happen the first (and only) time, since I have never found my settings reset again, I don't believe it has occurred. I can only assume that the local CAN controller for the display triggered the reset but there was no fault code assigned to whatever triggered the reset.  I have seen a few posts pop up on this forum as well as a few of the other forums, with similar experiences.  Since it has not happened to me more than the one time, I assume it was probably related to sun spot activity and a stray neutrino.  :-)


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