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When I come here I click unread content and I get a list of every unread message. Is  there a way to get a list of  only topics that have new content?

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Yes ... on the top menu click "Activity" then "My Activity Streams" the "Create New Stream" . which then opens a new form where you can  pick and choose multiple filter options .


When named and saved, your new Activity Stream will show up in the Activity drop down


An alternative method is on the home page, if the little icon next to the forum name is darkened, there is new content ... if no new content its greyed out. 







However, don't click on the icon to go to that forum ... clicking on it marks all the forum content as reads.  Click on the Forum Title instead.









 similar new content indication when in a forum ... HOWEVER ITS OPPOSITE TO THE FORUM INDICATOR, clicking on the dot WILL take you to the post.



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What I do is click on the right, near the top, on unread content.


The I get a list of every post ever made since the last time I was here.  That is listed over and over.


It seems to me that I'd rather just see one entry of something that has updated post or posts, rather than a listing after listing of the same thread.


At least that is what I experience on other websites. 


In other words, if there has been 6 or 16 posts on a thread since the last time I was here, why does that thread need to be listed 6 or 16 times?  Why not just one time, and then if I click on it, it takes me to the first of those 6 or 16 posts.


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2 hours ago, David13 said:

It seems to me that I'd rather just see one entry of something that has updated post or posts, rather than a listing after listing of the same thread.



essentially that's what the home page does .... 




The dark image indicating new content could mean a new topic or new posts within an existing topic or any combination.


Clicking on the forum title will take you to the forum topic listing which will show which topics have new posts.  Clicking on the topic indicator icon to the left  of the topic list (also shown above)  will take you to the first unread post.



Alternatively you can experiment creating a custom stream ...  Creating a stream with the highlighted selections seems to work at eliminating the multiple entries




I chose "since my last visit" because I check in multiple times per day.  If you save it it will show up in the Activity drop down and you can also set it as your default by clicking on the checkmark icon next to the the title of your new custom stream in the upper left (once you've saved it and its active)



EDIT : additional options. ... in the screen shot notice the "gear" icon next to the topics selection.  clicking that will allow you to select individual forums ie .. only ones you want to follow.   Note that if you do that there is a "apply changes" button at the bottom of that screen that's easy to miss but you have to click that to save your choices.


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