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Indy Dave

START Gear and Accessories for Sale (GAS) Flea Market

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Indy Dave

As long as we're all busy finding and offering bikes and parts for @Bud;  we'd like to announce a new addition for our ART Gatherings.  Here's your opportunity to sell, trade or barter any Gear or Accessories that you have that are no longer useful to you, but would be to others. 

If you have some items in good condition that need a new home, feel free to list them in this thread with a picture and asking price. You have the option if sold to ship the item to the new owner or bring them to Maggie Valley. On Thursday evening, we'll come up with a time and location to host a swap meet so others can ogle or manhandle your items that you are ready to part with for the right price or trade.”  

Thanks to Tim (60Avatior) who will be facilitating this event.



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Savanna ll jacket

can’t read the size anymore but fits me well - 5’ 10” 190lbs

elbow, shoulder and back hardware

all zippers work and no tears


i can bring it with me to the event




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