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Bluetooth Helmet Cam Recommendations?


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I ride every day in the Pacific Northwet, so my gear tends to get a workout (not so much tough conditions as simply a lot of use).  I've had a few front/rear bike camera setups over the past 4-5 years, and recently started using a FODSports FX30C Bluetooth/camera setup.  My first unit worked OK for probably 9 months -- the battery wasn't robust enough to run the camera and Bluetooth at the same time (BT would power down) but I added a USB power brick on my helmet and it would record video and play music solidly.  Until recently, when the video section crapped out: the "recording" light blinks, but no video files stored, and no preview video through the WiFi connection.


Oh well, I bought a used "only for a couple months" FX30C from eBay, and it's similar: BT is fine, video preview works, but the "Start Video" and "Take Photo" buttons don't do anything, and no data is stored on the SD card.  (This is not particularly a complaint about some guy in Gilbert, Arizona, who sold me a broken FX30C, but c'mon...really, dude?)


Anyway, I'm looking for a better helmet camera that I won't have to replace as often as these FODSports turds.  I'd buy a Sena, but where I can shrug and be annoyed about $100 Chinese crap, I'd be Really Fscking Annoyed about $350 Made In USA crap.  So...what's the long-term prognosis for devices like the Sena 10C?  A friend has one (and had a good run with it through Alaska) but he said the battery life sucked.  Is there any other way to get helmet video & audio that lasts for more than a few months?

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19 hours ago, Lowndes said:



I've had one for several years, rock solid, helmet mount, with audio.

I second that. I have had a Drift Ghost HD for years. The helmet mount works, the remote works (I velcro it to the clutch reservoir), easy to change batteries at a rest stop. The audio has a lot of wind noise, but I could add an external mic if I wanted.

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