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Corbin Seats

Urban Surfer

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I had a Corbin seat when I owned my 1100. It was little better than the stock seat for comfort, but it sure was pretty.

I eventually replaced the Corbin with a Russell Daylong which may not have been as pretty but sure was comfortable. The Russell was used for multiple 1000+ mile days. Just recently sold the 1100.

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BMW had contracted with them for a year or 2 back in the early 90's to do seats for their bikes.....but they had a LOT of quality issues that didn't get resolved. Some folks love'em and others hate'em. You can do better than Corbin, as suggested. I had Steve at Cee Bailey's custom build a seat for me (2 inches thicker) and it's great!!



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Joe Frickin' Friday

6 years ago (when I bought mine) they were "hit or miss" on quality, and mostly "miss" on customer service. I went through a couple of saddles from them before the third one was of good quality. But it's definitely been comfortable, and it's held up well.


I have no idea if they've gotten better or worse since then (on quality or service). The excuse I got at the time was "growing pains."

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Corbins are a firm seat. Yes, the seat pan is the same on the 1100 and the 1150, BUT Corbin's are known for the chance for a bad fit.


I loved mine on my RT. Heated. I enjoyed many a long day on that saddle. I had mine made at the factory while I waited.


They have a pretty cool restaurant and give you a free breakfast coupon. Terrific omelets.

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Jerry Johnston

When I bought my 96RT I couldn't ride 100 miles on the stock seat and immediately replaced them with Corbin which was considerably more comfortable. The down side was the seat didn't lock into place as easily as stock, was wider in the leg area and weighed considerably more than the stock seats.

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The 1150Rt that I have now came with a Corbin which I didn't especially like and my rider hated it. My 1100RT that I totalled had a sargent which I liked. My 1150 now has a sargent also and we just returned from El Paseo with no complaints. Makes of saddles are a personal taste IMHO.



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