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I'm Back!


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Hi to those on the board who might remember me. I look forward to seeing some of my old friends and meeting some of the new members of the board over the next few riding seasons.


I picket up an '02 black K1200RS in Cleveland, Ohio Saturday (only 3500 miles on it) and had a great ride through southern Ohio and across West Virginia and back to DC on Sunday! First bike and first decent ride since my accident and total loss of my '03 black KRS in Aug '04. It felt great! Left Cleveland at 7 am - sunny but only 32 degrees (last time I will leave the house without my heated vest and gloves!) Took every back road I could find and arrives home 500 miles, 11 hours, and many, many "smiles" later that day. cool.gif


Hope to see some of you on the road soon!

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How nice of you to post a hello and an update. Congratulations on Your new RS. That sounds like a nice little inaugural ride. Gunnison next perchance?

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Hey Doc,

Welcome back.

Promise me no more 500 mile trips on the cords. OK? grin.gif

Hope to see you down the road again. thumbsup.gif

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What's up Doc? I am glad that you are up and riding again Bob. I like the KRS as well......

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Hey Doc great to have you back, we have missed you on the last couple of paseos. Glad you are back on a bike and riding!! thumbsup.gif

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome! I plan on attending the Fall El Paseo and will hope to see many of you there. (Tallman - I'll have fresh tires!)

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