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2021 Weaverville dates confirmed: May 29-30 - Memorial Day weekend


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Call Patty at the Red Hill Motel: 530-623-4331


Memorial Day weekend, 5/29-30 or 31


Alternate lodging is the 49er Gold Country Inn down the street - 530-623-4937


Posting a new thread because I can't seem to edit my original post. Thanks BendBill for your help getting this going.




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Trying to bring the same cast of characters that came along last time, hopefully have my KTM this year.

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Doing an extended Torrey. Don't think I can make this one, as much as I'd like to see all your ugly mugs. Happy trails!:18:

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Kevin C

Hey guys, I’d be interested in joining you on your Weaverville trip, if invited, and if there are rooms still available. Would there be anyone interested in riding there with me? I live in Placerville. I’d like to find my way to Redbluff on something other than I-5 then take 36 to 3 to Weaverville. 

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You're invited, Kevin, and I'm sure there are rooms available.  Call Patty@  530-623-4331.


Your route of 36 to 3 is a great road.  Unfortunately, I can't join you as I'm coming down from the north.


Look forward to meeting you there

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