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Lightforce RMDL 140 Driving Lights


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I've got the 170s, with 100w bulbs, and really like them. I like them even better after seeing that site's price -- I'm glad to have paid much less.


In the daytime, I run them with the amber filters. They seem to get noticed. Mine are aimed outward, just a tad higher than the low beam. At night, they illuminate a nice broad swath.


My only caution is that LightForce doesn't seem to have much of a presence for supporting the U.S. market. Fortunately, spare bulbs can be sourced elsewhere.

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Where did you get yours? Better prices is always good.


Looks like prices have gone up a lot since October. I got my 170s, with both clear and amber filters, for $209 + shipping at www.adventurersworkshop.com. I see now that the prices there are about the same as the site you've linked to.

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HIDs are brighter, last for years and consume less power......oh and HIDs cost less too.


Hid replacements for the headlight might cost less, but are there any cheap HID driving lights to be had?

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