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Spline Maintenance


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I have seen numerous posts regarding spline failue. I also remember seeing a few posts about greasing/lubing ones splines. I did a search for splines, but came up with little other than failure. I also looked in my aftermarket shop manual and found nothing in the index or table of contents about splines. Where do they live, do they require maintenance and or is this something a regular BMW service would deal with? I want my splines to be happy!!!! <<<<Softtail>>>>>>> cool.gif

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BMW's official position is that the transmission drive splines only need to be lubed when the rear end is removed for regular service (e.g. clutch replacement. Look for "splines", "spline lube", "spline failure" on the oil head forum, and you'll see lots of helpful information (including step-by-step pictures).


If TED is still selling copies of his spline lube DVD (a video of his spline lube and clutch R&R on his old RT), it's worth reviewing. If not, contact me and I'll make you a copy for the cost of shipping and the plastic disk.





Relevant thread.

Another thread about tools.

Good thread with some pix

Probably the best thread on this site discussing spline failures, started by Mark Bohn (mbohn). Review his pictures, and in particular, his video clip (look for post #629559).


Thread with some more good pix.

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As for as actual instructions, just run the shop manual instructions for clutch replacement, and you've done the spline lube. Some have mentioned that they are able to perform the work with less final drive disassembly.


Someone created a thread with a couple of dozen pictures, step by step, but I can't find it now. If I find it later, I'll post it.

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