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8 Great Bits for Ride and Rider in 2021


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8 Great Bits for Ride and Rider in 2021

Ready for the New Year? Here are some products to consider—4 for the Rider and 4 for the Ride

4 for the Rider

• KLIM Enduro S4 (Shell) Jacket

8GreatBits KLIM Enduro S4 group

KLIM.com | MSRP: $299.99–$329.99

There’s been a lot of talk in the ADV community about KLIM’s Baja S4 pant and jacket set, which comes equipped with many great features. But what we’d like to draw your attention to is the Baja suit’s complementary, yet somewhat underrated, accessory: the Enduro S4 jacket. This thin shell can be used in conjunction with almost any lighter-weight, warm-weather gear or armor, in contrast with fully integrated ADV suits. 

It’s windproof, waterproof, breathable and tough, with zippered vents and pockets. Best of all, it isn’t baggy and flappy, thanks to a four-way stretchy material. The downside (which is why this item is sometimes overlooked) is its expensive price tag. It can be argued, however, that the Enduro S4 is practically a suit all its own, minus the integrated padding. Its versatility makes this jacket wearable around the campfire, on a hike, or any other off-bike activities often threatened by inclement weather and demanding terrain. 

8GreatBits Aquamira 2 Liter• Aquamira Pressurized Water System


Aquamira.com | MSRP: $47.99–$49.99

Aquamira acquired Geigerrig to further improve upon their line of hydration solutions for filtration, water treatment, hydration reservoirs, tactical packs, and more. If you’ve had the pleasure of using a Geigerrig bladder system, you’ll know about the Geigerrig Engine, a pressurized system that’s lightweight, slim, easy to fill, and dishwater safe. Although the updated name isn’t quite as fancy as “The Engine,” Aquamira offers the same hydration reservoirs in a range of sizes from 1.5L, 2L, and 3L with the Frontier MAX housing. Just pick the filter cartridge that’s right for you.

Essentially, the bladder has two chambers: one is for water, the other is for air. The user pumps air with a pressure bulb. There is also a pressure relief valve on the bulb to make adjustments. Instead of needing to suck water out of the bladder, it will shoot out according to the pressure at which you’ve set it. Among its many other uses, it’s also handy for washing things off or checking for tire leaks.


• WLF Enduro Ops Vest

8GreatBits WLF Enduro Ops Vest

WLFenduro.com | MSRP: $229.95

The brainchild of WLF Enduro, this high-quality vest has all the pedigree of a military LBV (Load Bearing Vest) an extreme adventure rider could ask for: ripstop Cordura main body construction, a modular design, ergonomic fit, quick-dry durable mesh, YKK zippers, MOLLE adjustable straps, exterior Velcro panels for customization, and large removable pockets.

It can accommodate a hydration bladder up to 3L and has a ton of attachment possibilities for MOLLE-type pouches and holster systems. The Ops Vest comes with two configurations: one with a lumbar support-style elastic waist band and MOLLE webbing to help distribute weight, and another in which the waistband can be removed and a couple of clips added to transform this “tacti-cool” vest into a simple backpack. 

• Leatt Body Tee 3DF Airfit Lite

8GreatBits Leatt BodyTee 3DFAirFitLite

Leatt.com | MSRP: $229.99

The Body Tee 3DF Airfit Lite is a versatile option for those who choose to ride with separate body armor under a motocross jersey vs. a fully integrated armored ADV suit. The Body Tee provides protection for the chest, shoulders and back. Leatt has quite the gambit of offerings from hard and soft, to hybrid options, to accommodate your unique armor needs, negating the fitment issues which might come with their full-feature versions. Plus, you’ll find all-day comfort customized to your ride and body type, especially for hotter weather.

4 for the Ride

• Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tires

8GreatBits Dunlop Trailmax Mission Front

DunlopMotorcycleTires.com | MSRP: $131.21–$285.23

Tires are a hotly debated topic within the ADV community. What happens when a newbie joins an ADV group and proceeds to ask a question like, “What is the best adventure tire?” It’s usually followed by a unified eye roll and, “Here we go again….” The engineers at Dunlop tried to heed the call by taking a stab at a “unicorn,” pursuing the perfect 50/50 adventure motorcycle tire. However, when they released this highly anticipated tire, it didn’t look anything like what most had imagined this “Holy Grail” of tires would. It isn’t knobby? How dare they! 

8GreatBits Dunlop Trailmax Mission Front

But best not judge a book by its cover. After all, knobs are a misconception in multi-terrain adventuring. The 50/50 claim doesn’t mean the tire is 100% functional for off-road riding as well as for cruising and cornering paved road. The designation indicates the tire’s design is as exceptional (or not, depending on the brand) to use when veering off the asphalt as it is when you hop back on. 50/50 is a reference to sharing the load, so to speak. The tire manages well in multiple environments but might not be the “best” for any of them. Asphalt calls for a specific style of rubber, while two-track, gravel and sandy washes call for another. But that’s where Dunlop succeeds. They hit the nail on the head with the Trailmax Mission, meeting all these needs halfway, or 50/50, to make most any path manageable and comfortable. It’s a tire that offers the confidence to take a fully loaded ADV motorcycle through almost anything the journey might throw at you. 

BDR’s, Iron Butt’s, TAT’s, Continental Divide Rides, Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia, or any mix in between, they’ll get you there. Quiet, smooth and long lasting enough on the slab, while offering dig, grip and drive enough for off-pavement and inclement weather. 

• Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Device

8GreatBits TrailTech Voyager Pro

TrailTech.net | MSRP: $499.95 ($599.95 for the full kit)

GPS units are another segment with a world of options from multiple manufacturers. Standalone GPS devices, however, are quickly becoming a thing of the past with advancements in cellular smartphone apps and new bikes equipped with onboard TFT displays and integrated navigation software. That said, there is something unique about the Trail Tech Voyager Pro worth considering.

What sets the Voyager Pro apart from most other GPS units? Buddy Tracking. These instruments talk to each other, using localized radio signals to visually show you the location of other Trail Tech users when they are active on the network. The system can support up to 20 riders. On the maps, in real time, a rider can spot whether others are moving, on the correct trail, and even send and receive alerts to everyone in the Buddy Tracking group about potential problems, updates, etc. 

In ADV riding, folks frequently encounter scenarios where the group has both faster and slower riders, who can be spread out for miles. With the Buddy Tracking feature everyone can keep tabs on each other and not be left wondering if or when one of the others will show up.

• SP Connect

8GreatBits SP Connect

SP-Connect.com | MSRP: $29.99–$154.98 per Moto Bundle

SP Connect is a stable and secure option for mounting smartphones to any platform: a motorcycle, bicycle, car, snowmobile, or person. There are a variety of universal mounting options, as well as wireless charging mounts. They’re system is intuitive and quick. Just line up the two parallel grooves and twist to secure and lock the phone to the base. You can set the orientation, too. Using the mounting system requires SP Connect proprietary cases and/or stick-on mounting bases.

• MotoJug Hydration System

MotoJug.com | MSRP: $75

The MotoJug is a straightforward, simple hydration system. With its weight borne by the motorcycle, it’s a distinctive alternative to water bladder systems that go in the rider’s backpack. Primarily designed to ride securely on the passenger footpeg, it can be easily located elsewhere and is sized to accommodate a one-gallon stainless steel jug or a one-gallon Coleman jug.

It also comes equipped with a long, insulated drinking tube and a retractable lanyard that can be affixed anywhere the rider desires. This system has quite a few advantages for long-distance ADV motorcyclists, such as carrying much more liquid—hot or cold. It’s also easier and more hygienic than traditional backback-style bladders to fill and clean. Plus, it is much less fatiguing to tote, which means more time riding and less time stopping to rest. 

Josh Jones mini bio portraitJoshua Jones is an instructor and guide for the BMW Offroad Academy at RawHyde Adventures. After having worked a career as a defense contractor in counter narcotics, then shifting paths to working in the entertainment industry and audio production, he eventually realized his passion for motorcycles, the desert, and the off-road riding community. Joshua continually strives to improve himself by pushing his boundaries in off-road motorcycle racing, as well as being an advocate to open more motorcyclists to the world of ADV riding.

Would you like ADVMoto to review a product? Submit your requests to Content@AdventureMotorcycle.com with “Product Review Suggestions” in the subject line.


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