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Rigg Gear Trails End Tail Bag Review


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Rigg Gear Trails End Tail Bag Review

I’ve said it many times, I’ve never been a big fan of tank bags. However, they’re a creature comfort hard to resist once you’ve ridden with one that’s well-designed. That said, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Nelson Rigg’s new Dual-Sport/Enduro Tail Bag that mounts to the rear of the motorcycle.

Nelson Rigg has provided motorcycle luggage for the industry since 1972 and has been on top of the adventure/dual-sport segments since it began several years ago. Furthermore, they’ve continually refined their offerings to match what the riders are looking for in their luggage options.

NelsonRigg Trails End TailBag FBTW

The Trails End utilizes UltraMax fabric which uses maximum UV protection along with water-resistant lockable zippers. Another cool feature is the fact the bag is expandable from 6.5L to a whopping 11L. It’s bigger sibling is the Adventure Tail Bag which starts at 17.6L and expands to a crazy 27.7L. Each version has a Molle top panel allowing you strap the Trails End fuel bottle holder or other Molle compatible products. Both bags mount super easily with four fixed mounting straps.

Living with the bag for a while now, it has made it convenient to carry additional cargo. It carries a DSLR camera without problem and with the expandability you can even do a little light grocery shopping. I’ve also tested it in light rain for periods of 30 minutes or so with no issues of interior getting wet. The bag is listed as “water resistant,” and so far I haven’t had any issues. However, I’d still like to see Nelson Rigg offer this exact bag in a fully waterproof version.


  • Convenient way to carry extra cargo when not using a top box
  • Easy mounting system
  • Great quality


  • Not waterproof
  • No rain cover options available

NelsonRigg Trails End TailBag Open


MSRP: Trails End Dual-Sport—$119.95 | Trails End Adventure—$149.95


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