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custom reflective sticker manufacturers (joel in Georgia?)?


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hi guys, the folks at Motoreflective sent me here to look for a Joel in Georgia that was doing custom reflective stickers. basically i have a logo and i want to print it on a reflective sticker so it reflects headlights. 

can anyone suggest any leads?

new member so advance apologies to the moderators if this is in the wrong place or i missed anything.


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@Slumgullionto the white courtesy phone, please.


You may want to send Joel a PM to see if he is still involved in that business.  Or wait for him to post here.


.......and, welcome to the forum!!



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Sticker Mule has reasonable prices if having it printed on a “holographic” reflective background works for you. It’s not the same level of reflection you get from retroreflective single color sheets, but you can print anything in full color and have it cut to shape. 

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