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K12RS Frame Lift


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For those of you who have asked, here's how I lifted the frame for my clutch/tranny removal.


First, I strapped the bike down to a skid I had used to rebuild a Takisawa Lathe. It's made from 4X4's and 3/4" plywood and has 4 heavy duty casters. It supported the 2500lb lathe just fine so it has no problem with a 650lb bike. Being able to push the bike around the shop on the casters with one hand is more convenient than I could even begin to describe!


Once everything necessary was removed or disconnected, I blocked the engine up with some scrap lumber and raised the frame with a hydraulic jack. Actually, by that point the frame is light enough to be raised by hand.


Then I clamped two 2X4's to the side frame members with 6" C-clamps and removed the jack. The bike is perfectly stable and I can still push it around the shop since there are no overhead supports to worry about.






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