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Daytona boots


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Hi all, 


has anyone here ever purchased or do you still own Daytona boots, and if so, are they worth the investment?  I’m getting ready next March to take about a 6 week ride around the USA on my ‘15 R1200RT as a gift to myself for retiring from the Navy, and I want to make sure I have the quality gear.  I just purchased a new Arai to replace my old one, and I’m looking at the Daytona Roadstar GTXs right now.  Has anyone owned or ride with someone who owns a pair and if so, are they worth the $450?  Thanks in advance.


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They're the bomb of touring boots. Not personally owned, but my brother says so and I trust his judgement. 

Another is Vendramini . However, they seem difficult to purchase and not readily available.

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I bought a pair a couple of years ago and have been completely satisfied.  They are top quality in all respects.  I had a bit of trouble locating a vendor with some in stock, but I'm not up on the current supply situation.  

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3 years ago I bought a pair of Daytona M-Star GTX Boots.  These are elevator boots that add about an inch but they are designed such that you'd never know. In addition, they are waterproof. They are very comfortable, waterproof and are easy to get on and off. I love them and have about 40,000 miles on them. They are still in great shape. 

I would definitely buy another pair.

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I can’t answer the question directly, but I’ll add a question:

Have any of you Roadstar owners also had the BMW Allarounds? I was looking at the Roadstars but couldn’t try a pair locally for fit, and I ended up with all arounds found locally. I’m very happy with them and have seen them compared favorably to the Roadstars (like in this ADV thread). At 1/2 to 2/3 the cost depending on where you buy them, what are the BMW boots missing? 

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I've been wearing the Roadstar GTX for 3 years, and other different boots for 45 years. They are fantastic in all weather, comfortable for walking, and easy to put on and take off. The uppers will outlast the soles. As far as I know, return to the manufacturer  for resole is the only option. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again when needed.

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I have a pair of Roadstar GTX bought 7 years and 85,000 miles ago. Uppers are in great shape, soles still have some life left. Very comfortable. Nice part for me is they come in wide sizes in addition to regular width. When the soles finally give out I will probably replace the boots as opposed to resoling.

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Love mine. I've had them for about five years now and wear them in all weather. My wife's sold me onto Daytonas while I was shopping for a replacement for my worn out TCX. I was trying on BMW branded boots. The Daytonas felt like slippers compared to the BMWs.

BTW my wife replaced hers after 10 years. 


ps. There is a scam site selling Daytona boots in the US at 50% off. Stay away. 

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John Bentall

I don't have a choice - Daytona are the only brand that fit my feet. 


I have two pairs - Travelstar GTX for wet and cold and Roadstar (not GTX) for riding in hotter summer temperatures. If kept well polished the non-Goretex boots will keep out light rain, but not a downpour. 

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I had Daytona boots for many years and they were superb, very comfortable and completely waterproof. However the "bobbly" soles wear quickly if you do a lot of walking in them. I did send a pair back to Daytona's for re-soleing which worked well, but not cheap, however I finally gave up on them when the rubber toe guards started to perish and break up. I carefully removed the perished rubber but you are left with a load of holes in the top of the boots from the removed stitches ! I now use BMW goretex boots.




2007 R1200ST

2018 KTM 390 Duke

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Daytona boots are issued to Police motorcyclists (LEO's) here in the UK as standard. I've had a pair since 1999, they've been the most comfortable, waterproof and best boots I've ever used. They've been resoled twice and the gearchange plate been replaced once. 


I've also bought a lightweight pair, not gortex lined, for use in high temps. The best, I wouldn't wear anything else. 

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I recently bought a pair of Roadstar GTX from FC-Moto:  https://www.fc-moto.de/epages/fcm.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/10207048/Products/Daytona-Road-Star-GORE-TEX®/SubProducts/Daytona-Road-Star-GORE-TEX®-0008  .  Don't have a lot of long term riding to report; have done several 200 to 600 mile weekend rides.  Comfortable so far, fit well, no rain rides yet.  The price from FC-Moto is good, including delivery; better price than I could find in the USA.   It just took forever to finally take delivery.

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I'm on my third pair of Daytona Roadstar/Roadstar GTX (wide). I get around 8 to ten yaers out of a pair. I ride around 20,000miles a year. You can also send them back for a factory rebuild for about £100.

Shop around for prices though. Germany was very cheap when I bought the last pair.

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Another happy user, over the last 20 years. Used literally 7 days a week, for work & leisure riding, & still they (almost) refuse to wear out.

I have found with old age, specifically my arthritis, coupled with neuropathy, I was finding it harder to get the boots actually on; it's not a boot issue, it's my feet & ankles that are the problem. Once they were on, they were great as always.

So I have just purchased these; shorter boots, with twin zips down the front & so much easier to slip on. Purchased from FC Moto, who are a great firm to deal with.





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I have a pair of the Daytona Sport boots like the ones shown by Martyn above.  And I really like them for riding.  I have personally verified that they keep my feet dry in rainy riding conditions.  I love the twin zippers.  The quality of worksmanship is really impressive -- they will probably outlast me at this point! :-)


But I do have a quibble: they aren't great for walking around off the bike.  So, while on a tour, if I want to stop and hike to some overlook, or stop at a park and walk a trail, they don't work well.  My workaround is to carry a pair of Merrell "Jungle Mocs" that I can slip on for some easy walking.


But I also like this pair of Magnum 6-inch boots with a side-zip and protected toe box, and lug soles.  They cost $115 and they fit well, and work great.  I added elastic laces so they slip on and zip up.  And I took them to a cobbler and added a finger loop on the back so that I can pull them on easily.  These are a great value if you don't want to spend $$$ on Daytona.  And I will wear them instead of my Daytona's when I know I will do some walking on the way, because they are so much more comfortable for walking/hiking.


Here's a pic.  They sell lots of variants with/without side-zips and in different heights.




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