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Disassembly required for front shock removal


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I am changing out the front shock this weekend on my non-ESA 2007. I only have the Haynes manual and it says to remove the fairing panels and fuel tank to access the nut on the top. When I've had the fairing panels off it looked like that nut was easily accessed with the fuel tank in place. Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank to remove and replace the shock?





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No it's not. As you said, with panelling removed, it can easily be accessed. I have done it when I had my ESA set refurbished. From memory the thing I needed to do was to have a screw jack at hand to lift the bike a little as it was on the centre stand, from the engine block, to drop the front enough for the shock to slip out free.

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Thanks. I removed the tank anyway to get better access to the lower bolt - I know it's threadlocked but that sucker is tough coming out, to the point of I'm afraid of stripping out the torx head so I am taking a break to think about it. I think I'll try heating it up gently with a hot air dryer.

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You will need a heat gun or small torch to carefully heat things up. The loctite needs to get heated to about 250 degrees to soften. May take several minutes to warm the bolt and swing arm that much.

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You may need to remove the rubber bumper from the top of the shaft to be able to lift it high enough to clear the a-arm.  Watch that you don’t stress the brake lines.

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