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Remember which bike you're riding


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or have coffee first.


I alternate bikes, 2019 GSA one week, 2006 RT the next week.  Yesterday, I hope on the GSA at 0530, just slightly chilly, so down the road, I decide, hands, you need to be warmed up a bit.  I flick the heater rocker on and the bike dies, hmmmm, momentarily thinking damn, the bike is too new to have problems and at that point I realize, wrong "heater rocker",.....it was the kill switch for the bike,......duh me.......quickly flicked it back up and viola', engine fires back up.


RT heater rocker



GSA right side


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Happens. My current truck has a shift on the center console. (about five years now) Every once in a while I reach for the column shifter that isn’t there. :classic_biggrin:

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13 minutes ago, TEWKS said:

Happens. My current truck has a shift on the center console. (about five years now) Every once in a while I reach for the column shifter that isn’t there. :classic_biggrin:


Ya, the wife's GMC just requires a momentary twist of the key and it'll continue the start.  I get in my '89 Chevy truck and will give that momentary twist,....and immediately wonder why it didn't continue to start:dontknow:

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I keep reaching for the stick shifter and clutch in my wife's car with an automatic, it's been two and a half years since we sold the old one with the stick.

The worst is going to, or from, a bike with a right foot shift, left foot brake, old school. Bang that shifter reaching for the brake!

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8 minutes ago, Miguel! said:

The left hand lever on my Vespa is the rear brake, not a clutch. Miguel


Keep getting reminded of that fact, do you?

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I alternate bikes like that too..  On my 2000 R 1200 C,  I have the old style paddles for turn signals - not on the 1250 RT.  Also, the foot pegs are slightly forward compared to the RT.   Sometimes, my feet hit air on the first change-over.  :dontknow:


Yeah, first world problems. I know.  Guess I will have to live with them.

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I haven't ever had any issues going back & forth between left side & right side shifter bikes, no real issues riding a scooter with L/H side hand brake lever. 


I have had some issues from time to time when I get on my old Honda 4 wheeler if I haven't ridden it in a while.  That darn thing has a left side shifter but the shift pattern is upside down with neutral all the way at the top & shift lever down to go into higher gears. Works good if I'm paying attention but if I don't keep my attention on it then shifting is always an unknown event. Then couple that upside shift pattern with a left side hydraulic hand brake lever where the clutch lever should be & it can get interesting at times.  

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When I was a young pup racing flat track I had a Bridgestone 175cc (Hurricane model?)with what was called a rotary shift.  Shift pattern was 1,2,3,4,N,1,2,3,4 etc by pressing down on shifter. I was shifting into 4th gear and missed a gear. I thought I was in between 3rd and 4th but had actually over-shifted past 4th into neutral. I pushed down ending up in first gear at 60+mph. No slipper clutch or rev limiters back then. Out of pure luck, not skill, I pulled the clutch lever in before I crashed or the piston came out of the top of the motor. I never knew a single cylinder 2-stroke could rev that high and continue to run. Only bike I ever rode with a rotary shift tranny. 

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I ride 7 bikes and drive 5 cars / trucks.   I never have trouble with the bikes but my Wife’s Mercedes gives my trouble sometimes.    It’s a First World Problem I know.  

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On most Cessnas, there is a lever on the floor that selects which fuel tank you are using: left wing tank, or right wing tank.  And generally, the lever has four positions: left, right, both, or off.   However, on a 1967 Cessna 210, the lever has only 3 positions, left-off-right.  I can recall taxiing for departure and going through my checklist and putting the lever in the center position.  And then, a few moments later, the engine begins to stutter.  Ooops.  Not a problem while on the ground.  

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