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Removing factory radio


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Since I have a GPS with XM radio and Mp3 player on it, I am finding no need for the factory radio anymore. I would rather have the space for the wallet, hat, ...etc. Is there anything difficult about taking out the radio or is it a quick connect in a standard harness.


Thought I would ask before starting in on it.

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I pulled the radio out of my '04 and it was pretty easy. I left all of the wiring intact, the speakers, the LCD and the handlebar control unit, etc. Basically just removed the deck and mounting bracket. Should make for an easy reinstall later.


I tried to buy a new "glove box" from BWM that doesn't have the hole cut in it that allows the electrical connections into the radio box. They couldn't sell me one without. My dad's '04RT came without the radio and his box doesn't have the hole, but every one at the dealer had the hole in it and they couldn't find a part number for the non-hole version. Perahps someone here will know it.


I did a nifty job with lots of electrical tape to seal the hole. Even with all the rain we had in CA a few months back it never leaked.

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